Historic wine metropolis Ahrweiler

Special charm comes from the red wine metropolis Ahrweiler. Here are many buildings still preserved in its original shine.

Ahr-Thermen Bad Neuenahr

As one of the most beautiful thermal pool landscapes of Europe, the AHR-SPAS are often called. More than 200,000 visitors a year see the pleasant relaxation of massaging bubbles quellwarmen, ...

Kurstadt Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Take a vacation for body, mind and senses.

Museum Roman Villa

In March 1980, during construction work at the base of Silver Mountain rooms of a mansion of the second to 3 Century found.

Documentation Regierungsbunker

In March 2008, the nationwide unique witness of bygone days was given its new purpose

Casino Bad Neuenahr

The Bad Neuenahr is located at the Kurhaus Bad Neuenahr.


Event Name Location Period
Kawumm GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn – Bonn, Germany 2019/09/13 - 2019/11/03
Wine festival Mayschoss Mayschoss – Mayschoss, Germany 2019/10/05 - 2019/10/27
Wine festival Altenahr Altenahr-Tourist - Information "Haus des Gastes", Germany 2019/10/05 - 2019/10/27
Klangwelle Bad Neuenahr Kurpark Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr- Ahrweiler, Germany 2019/10/17 - 2019/10/20
Bang Bang GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn – Bonn, Germany 2019/11/08 - 2020/01/05
Christmas Market in Bonn Bonner Innenstadt 2019/11/29 - 2019/12/23
Christmas Market Oberwinter - 2019/11/30 - 2019/12/01
Lucia Markt Rech – Rech 2019/12/06 - 2019/12/08
Christmas market Remagen Stadt Remagen-Innenstadt, Germany 2019/12/07 - 2019/12/08
August Macke Kunstmuseum Bonn-Museumsmeile – Bonn, Germany 2020/01/01 - 2030/12/31
Max Ernst Art museum Bonn, Germany 2020/01/01 - 2050/12/31
1. Remagener Lachnacht Rheinhalle Remagen – Remagen, Germany 2020/04/24 - 2020/04/24
Rhein in Flammen in Bonn Linz bis Bonn-Rhein in Flammen am Siebengebirge, Germany 2020/05/02 - 2020/05/02
ADAC-Zurich-24h-Race Nürburgring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 2020/05/21 - 2020/05/24
Weinfest in Bodendorf Sinzig OT Bodendorf, Germany 2020/05/21 - 2020/05/21
Weinmarkt der Ahr - 2020/05/29 - 2020/06/01
Pfingsbrunch Restaurant "Am Unkelstein"im Ringhotel Haus Oberwinter – Remagen, Germany 2020/05/31 - 2020/05/31
Rock am Ring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 2020/06/05 - 2020/06/07
Bad Neuenahrer Burgunderfest Festwiese in d. Weinbergen oberh. von Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany 2020/07/25 - 2020/07/25
Rhein in Flammen in Koblenz Koblenz, Germany 2020/08/08 - 2020/08/08
Historisches Weinfest Heimersheim Heimersheim – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Heimersheim, Germany 2020/08/21 - 2020/08/23
Weinfest in Walporzheim Walporzheim – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Walporzheim, Germany 2020/08/28 - 2020/08/31


Schiffe auf dem Rhein

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