Max Ernst Museum Brühl

The world's first and only museum dedicated to the work of the artist of the century and world citizen Max Ernst.

Castle Augustusburg and Castle Falkenlust Brühl

The castles are with their gardens and parks outstanding castles in Germany

Phantasialand Brühl

Phantasialand offers year-round entertainment and enjoyment in perfect combination


The city looks back over 2000 years of history whose traces can be seen everywhere in the city.

Art museum Bonn

This museum is in many ways a unique claim in the German museums claim. With one of the world's most important collections of German art has the Art Museum Bonn - on the basis of its ...

Art and Exhibition Hall

As a center for temporary exhibitions, the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1992 ...

House of history of Germany

In all exhibitions of the House of History contemporary history is vividly presented and experience-oriented.

Beethoven City Bonn

Enjoy Bonn from its most beautiful pages. The city, with its more than 2000-year history has many faces.

Beethoven's birthplace in Bonn

Discover new and unknown facts about the famous composer. Get an insight into the work of the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn and ...

Bonner passenger shipping

If you make a visit to the region of Bonn, a boat trip on the Rhine should not be missing in the program.

Event Name Location Period
Slow GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn – Bonn, Germany 2019/07/12 - 2019/09/08
Weinfest in Walporzheim Walporzheim – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Walporzheim, Germany 2019/08/23 - 2019/08/26
Ahrweiler Wine Festival Marktplatz Ahrweiler – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany 2019/08/30 - 2019/09/02
Linzer Winzerfest Linz Torture Chamber – Linz am Rhein, Germany 2019/09/06 - 2019/09/09
Beethoven Festival Bonn Bonner Innenstadt 2019/09/06 - 2019/09/29
Pützchens market Bonn Bonn- Beuel/ Pützchen 2019/09/06 - 2019/09/10
DTM Nürburgring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 2019/09/13 - 2019/09/15
Weinfest in Erpel Erpel am Rhein – Erpel, Germany 2019/09/13 - 2019/09/16
Kawumm GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn – Bonn, Germany 2019/09/13 - 2019/11/03
Zwiebelmarkt Bad Breisig Bad Breisig – Bad Breisig, Germany 2019/09/14 - 2019/09/17
Medieval market Barbarossa Sinzig Sinzig – Sinzig, Germany 2019/09/14 - 2019/09/15
Wine festival in Bachem Weindorf Bachem – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Bachem, Germany 2019/09/20 - 2019/09/22
Wine festivity Remagen Stadt Remagen-Innenstadt, Germany 2019/09/20 - 2019/09/23
Wine festival Rech Rech – Rech 2019/09/20 - 2019/09/22
Wine festival in Dernau Dernau – Dernau, Germany 2019/09/27 - 2019/09/30
Kirmes Bad Neuenahr Festplatz Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr, Germany 2019/10/04 - 2019/10/08
Winzerfest Königswinter Königswinter – Königswinter, Germany 2019/10/04 - 2019/10/07
Weinfest in Rheinbrohl Rheinbrohl – Rheinbrohl, Germany 2019/10/04 - 2019/10/06
Wine festival Mayschoss Mayschoss – Mayschoss, Germany 2019/10/05 - 2019/10/27
Wine festival Altenahr Altenahr-Tourist - Information "Haus des Gastes", Germany 2019/10/05 - 2019/10/27
Klangwelle Bad Neuenahr Kurpark Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr- Ahrweiler, Germany 2019/10/10 - 2019/10/13
Christmas Market in Bonn Bonner Innenstadt 2019/11/29 - 2019/12/23
Christmas Market Oberwinter - 2019/11/30 - 2019/12/01
Lucia Markt Rech – Rech 2019/12/06 - 2019/12/08
Christmas market Remagen Stadt Remagen-Innenstadt, Germany 2019/12/07 - 2019/12/08
August Macke Kunstmuseum Bonn-Museumsmeile – Bonn, Germany 2020/01/01 - 2030/12/31
Max Ernst Art museum Bonn, Germany 2020/01/01 - 2050/12/31
1. Remagener Lachnacht Rheinhalle Remagen – Remagen, Germany 2020/04/24 - 2020/04/24
Rhein in Flammen in Bonn Linz bis Bonn-Rhein in Flammen am Siebengebirge, Germany 2020/05/02 - 2020/05/02
ADAC-Zurich-24h-Race Nürburgring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 2020/05/21 - 2020/05/24
Weinfest in Bodendorf Sinzig OT Bodendorf, Germany 2020/05/21 - 2020/05/21
Weinmarkt der Ahr - 2020/05/29 - 2020/06/01
Pfingsbrunch Restaurant "Am Unkelstein"im Ringhotel Haus Oberwinter – Remagen, Germany 2020/05/31 - 2020/05/31
Rock am Ring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 2020/06/05 - 2020/06/07


Aussicht auf den Rhein vom Ringhotel Haus Oberwinter 2

Here you will find a selection of attractive holiday packages


Superior deluxe Doppelzimmer 2

Feel comfortable in one of our 50 comfortable rooms, some with views of the Rhine and the Middle Rhine Valley


Restaurant Am Unkelstein 1

Welcome to the most beautiful view of the Rhine


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