Whether fortresses and castles, pituresque towns, pristine nature and idyllic stretches of the river Rhine or romantic wine villages and steep vineyards in the Ahr Valley, the region offers a lot of beautiful sights and interesting sections, whose visit is worth a detour from the route.

The Ringhotel Haus Oberwinter is an ADFC-certified bett+bike hotel and located only 500 meters from the Rhine Cycle Route and is ideally situated for a stopover on the Rhine bike path or bike tours in the region on the Rhine, the Ahr and the Eifel. Until the Ahr-cycle is only 5 km across the Rhine cycle path till after Sinzig.

At the "Romantic Rhine" between Koblenz and Remagen is provided for guests, whether visiting the Seven Mountains, or wine as Unkel, Linz or Leutesdorf. Roman foundations like Remagen and Andernach impress even today with impressive buildings. Two of the best known sights are the ruins of the bridge at Remagen, the end of World War II's last intact bridge over the Rhine, and the Apollinaris Church, the work of the Cologne cathedral architect Zwirner.

Volcanoes, geysers, crater lakes and one discovers the excursion into the geological history of the volcano park between Mayen, Laachersee and Andernach.

Through wildly romantic river landscape, rugged rock formations, lush green forests and meadows of wild herbs scenic bicycle route meanders along the river Ahr.

The 80 km tour starts counting on the Ahr Sinzig mouth at the Barbarossa town and runs straight through the red wine paradise Ahrtal up to Blankenheim, where the idiosyncratic tributary of the Rhine rises.


Event Name Location Period
Max Ernst Art museum Bonn, Germany 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2050
August Macke Kunstmuseum Bonn-Museumsmeile – Bonn, Germany 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2030
Wine list Restaurant "Am Unkelstein" im Ringhotel Haus Oberwinter – Remagen, Germany 29/06/2022 - 01/06/2030
St. Apollinaris pilgrimage St. Apollinariskirche Remagen – Remagen, Germany 20/07/2024 - 28/07/2024
Bad Neuenahrer Burgunderfest Festwiese in d. Weinbergen oberh. von Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany 27/07/2024 - 27/07/2024
Jakobs mart Remagen Stadt Remagen-Innenstadt, Germany 28/07/2024 - 28/07/2024
AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix Nürburgring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 09/08/2024 - 11/08/2024
Rhein in Flammen in Koblenz Koblenz, Germany 10/08/2024 - 10/08/2024
Historisches Weinfest Heimersheim Heimersheim – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Heimersheim, Germany 16/08/2024 - 18/08/2024
DTM Nürburgring Nürburgring – Nürburg, Germany 16/08/2024 - 18/08/2024
Weinfest in Walporzheim Walporzheim – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Walporzheim, Germany 23/08/2024 - 25/08/2024
Ahrweiler Wine Festival Marktplatz Ahrweiler – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany 30/08/2024 - 01/09/2024
Beethoven Festival Bonn Bonner Innenstadt 05/09/2024 - 03/10/2024
Wine festival Altenahr Altenahr-Tourist - Information "Haus des Gastes", Germany 06/09/2024 - 08/09/2024
Pützchens market Bonn Bonn- Beuel/ Pützchen 06/09/2024 - 10/09/2024
Zwiebelmarkt Bad Breisig Bad Breisig – Bad Breisig, Germany 13/09/2024 - 16/09/2024
Wine festival Rech Rech – Rech 13/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
Weinfest in Erpel Erpel am Rhein – Erpel, Germany 13/09/2024 - 16/09/2024
Linzer Winzerfest - 13/09/2024 - 16/09/2024
Wine festivity Remagen Stadt Remagen-Innenstadt, Germany 13/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
Medieval market Barbarossa Sinzig Sinzig – Sinzig, Germany 14/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
Wine festival in Bachem Weindorf Bachem – Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler OT Bachem, Germany 20/09/2024 - 22/09/2024
Wine festival in Dernau Dernau – Dernau, Germany 27/09/2024 - 29/09/2024
INTERMOT Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 01/10/2024 - 06/10/2024
Kirmes Bad Neuenahr Festplatz Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr, Germany 04/10/2024 - 07/10/2024
Wine festival Mayschoss Mayschoss – Mayschoss, Germany 05/10/2024 - 27/10/2024
Klangwelle Bad Neuenahr Kurpark Bad Neuenahr – Bad Neuenahr- Ahrweiler, Germany 10/10/2024 - 13/10/2024
ORGATEC Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 22/10/2024 - 26/10/2024
ART COLOGNE Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 03/11/2024 - 10/11/2024
Professional MotorSport World Expo Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 13/11/2024 - 14/11/2024
Christmas Market in Bonn Bonner Innenstadt 22/11/2024 - 22/12/2024
Christmas Market Oberwinter - 30/11/2024 - 30/11/2024
Christmas market Remagen Stadt Remagen-Innenstadt, Germany 07/12/2024 - 08/12/2024
Lucia Markt Rech – Rech 07/12/2024 - 07/12/2024
imm cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 12/01/2025 - 16/01/2025
boot - Düsseldorf Messe Düsseldorf GmbH – Düsseldorf, Germany 18/01/2025 - 26/01/2025
ISM Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 02/02/2025 - 05/02/2025
Rhein in Flammen in Bonn Linz bis Bonn-Rhein in Flammen am Siebengebirge, Germany 03/05/2025 - 03/05/2025
Anuga Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 04/10/2025 - 08/10/2025
aquanale Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 28/10/2025 - 31/10/2025
PRACTICAL WORLD Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 03/03/2026 - 06/03/2026
Anuga Food Tec Cologne Köln Messe – Köln, Germany 23/02/2027 - 26/02/2027


Weinberg im Ahrtal

Length: 46 km Altitude: 263 m climb, 64 m down Start: Remagen / Sinzig Objective: Schuld

Rhine Cycle Route from Bingen to Remagen

Mäuseturm Bingen am Rhein

Length: 119 km Altitude: 47 meters up, 79 meters down Start: Bingen Objective: Rolandseck

Rhine cycle of Duisburg unto the Rhine delta

Fahrradtour am Rhein

The "Rheinradweg" opens the cyclists an attractive section of the Lower Rhine

Adventure Rhine from Bonn to Duisburg

Bonn Postamt mit Beethoven Statue

Length: up to 357 km Start: Bonn Objective: Duisburg

Rent a bike

Fahrrad 2

For our active guests, we offer four modern lend bikes for bike rides.


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